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The Cooperage Project

Who We Are

The Cooperage Project was founded on the premise that strong communities are built upon strong relationships. This belief, which has now become our guiding principle, first found expression during the summer of 2009 through the work of our local farmers who brought their weekly harvest to market and offered it for sale to the folks in our community.

Each week throughout the summer we were heartened by the warm atmosphere and friendly exchanges between farmer and patron. We sensed the possibility of something greater. It seemed to us that we, the residents of this region, might better appreciate those things that unite us if we had a space in which to enjoy the simple pleasures of sharing time together.

We were inspired by this idea. What we came to think of as the perfect use for this ‘yet to be restored’ old building quickly became clear to us, and with this The Cooperage Project was born.

The mission of The Cooperage Project is to offer a range of instructive and entertaining activities that will engage, challenge and enlighten. Through a variety of programs, we will inspire people of all ages to both embrace diversity and celebrate shared experience in order to create a deeper sense of community.

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What We Do

Happenings at The Cooperage are categorized in four primary areas: Performance Events, Learning Opportunities, Markets, and Good Times | Good Works Gatherings. Our strategy hinges upon the interplay of these complementary elements and we are always looking to innovate, expand, grow and interweave them.

Creating opportunities that will bring our community together is an important commitment to us. We work to offer a variety of events so that there is something of interest for everyone inside our brick walls. 

We hope and believe that the mix of concerts, recitals, market, theater productions, dance events, lectures and workshops offered here will have a broad appeal and play an important role in bringing people together around what they have in common. We hope to provide opportunities for our community to learn, challenge one another and connect with neighbors, friends and fellow business professionals.

The Cooperage is not only a beautiful performance space; it is an open classroom, a market, a gathering place, and most importantly, a place where everyone is welcome.

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1030 Main Street
Honesdale, PA 18431
Contact: Ryanne Jennings
Phone: 570-253-2020
Email: info@thecooperageproject.org
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