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Women's Resource Center

Who We Are

The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) is a private non-profit organization founded in 1976, serving survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Women's Resource Center's mission is to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, education, and social change.
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What We Do

Crisis Response and Support:

Survivors can access services 24 hours a day. Survivors work with Counselor Advocates who help them assess their immediate and long term needs and those of their children. Needs may be related to safety, health, money, food, housing, and legal issues. Advocates help survivors navigate their options and provide accompaniment for legal and medical appointments, police interviews and other appointments as requested.

Crisis and advocacy services are available to all survivors and their children, whether they are ready to leave their abusers or want to be safe in their own homes. Advocates help survivors plan for safety in terms of threats from their abusers.

Safe House:

WRC offers Safe Housing for domestic and sexual violence survivors and their children who are in immediate danger and are fleeing abuse. Safe House provides temporary accomodations while advocates work with survivors to plan for long term safety and independence.

Legal Advocacy:

WRC’s legal advocates provide advocacy and assistance to survivors involved in the court system for civil or criminal matters.  WRC legal advocates ensure that survivors have access to community and WRC resources which can assist them in their legal efforts, including pro-se remedies.  Advocates can provide advocacy with law enforcement, medical personnel, employers/schools for leaves of absence for court proceedings; coordinating immigration representation and preparation; accompaniment to legal proceedings and follow-up services; support during and after the legal process; court preparation activities; childcare and transportation planning; and, sharing reading material and information packets customized to the survivor’s legal action plan and language as needed. 

Women’s Meetings:

Women’s meetings help survivors break the silence about their abuse and connect with other women who have survived abuse. Abusers systematically isolate their victims, and survivors feel that nobody may know or understand how they feel. In support groups, individuals gather to receive and offer support, to share information and experiences, and to organize events and advocacy efforts. The meetings are open to adult and teen survivors of domestic and sexual violence. Support meetings are held in confidential locations for safety of the members. Please contact WRC for current location information.

Children’s meetings are offered in conjunction with some of the adult support meetings. Childcare is available for some of the meetings.

Help for Teens:

We invite teens and adults who work with teens to partner with us to end dating and sexual violence in the teen community. Contact us and let’s begin the journey to undo social, cultural and environmental factors that make violence acceptable in our society.

The purpose of the Teen Outreach and Education Program is to support teens building relationships with one another, to assist in connecting teens to their own communities, to create a community space for respite from the violence, and to bring about social change. WRC Teen Advocates are supportive adults who will partner with teens in organizing and facilitating conversations and services.

Economic Advocacy and Transitional Housing:

The Economic Advocacy Projectof the Women’s Resource Center seeks to develop expertise in responding to the housing and economic justice needs of survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking and dating violence by:

  1. Developing partnerships with community organizations and institutions with expertise in the economic and housing arenas. Specifically, the development of employment options that provide a sustainable income, education and career-training options, legal options, transportation, child care, and access to safe and affordable housing.
  2. Engaging in systems advocacy initiatives and educational activities that address the economic and housing barriers survivors experience when attempting to flee or stay out of an abusive relationship.
  3. Creating forums for survivor input and association.

Recognizing that housing is the gateway for survivors to address their economic safety needs, the Transitional Housing Program is the primary component of the Projectserving survivors who are fleeing domestic/sexual violence or homeless due to the violence and for whom WRC’s safe house and other services are unavailable or insufficient.

Barbara J. Hart Justice Center:

The Barbara J. Hart Justice Center (Justice Center), a project of the Women’s Resource Center (WRC), provides legal assistance and representation for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.  The Justice Center works with WRC program participants in Lackawanna and Susquehanna Counties.  All referrals to the Justice Center are made through the WRC.      

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